Name: Satish Arya
Date of Birth: 17th March 1960
Place: Moradabad, UP, India
Father: Late Sh. Gopal Dass
Mother: Late Smt. Shanti Devi
Qualification: Academic B.Com, CAIIB, AICMA (Cost Accountant)

Religious Study of Vedic Literature

Brief Introduction: Born in the normal Hindu Family, and grown up in the family tradition. I had deep interest in the religious books since my childhood. I was involved in the study of Bhagawat, Gita, Mahabharata, Ramayana etc during my childhood itself.

Lord Krishna was my favorite, since he has been described as complete Purusha, as having all the 16 (Kalaas) Qualities as described in Upnishadas and Vedas. As he had studied Vedas, during his education at Sandipani's Ashram, so I got interest for the study of Vedas. He was a Great Yogi, so my interest also started towards Yoga. I was in search of Vedas, and bought Yajurveda from the market, which was translated by a scholar. By study of that, I could not got anything and unable to understand the knowledge in it. But I was in search of truth and kept on studying the various religious books. Apart from the study of religious study, I continued my academic qualifications in school and college and got the degree of B.Com and ICMA (Cost Accountant).

On 05th Feb 1978, I had come in contact with Arya Samaj. From here my life had changed. In the beginning stage, I was lucky to come in contact with various intellectuals and started studying various books related to Vedic philosophy. Along with my normal academic study, I pursued the Vedic Literature also like Satyarth Prakash, other Books of Swami Dayanand, Darshan, Upnishad etc. and the most important was that now I got real introduction to the Vedas by study of Rigvedadibhasyabhumika by Swami Dayanand Saraswati. During this period I had also come in contact with Swami Satyapati Ji and his pupils like Acharya Arjun Dev ji and Acharya Bhadrakam Varni ji. Swami Satyapati ji had also inspired me to the study of Yog-Darshan. As I knew that salvation is possible only by practice of Yoga and achieving of Self. I started study of Yog-Darshan from Swamiji itself and later on continued it from other Acharya as above. I used to get my doubt clarified from Swamiji also whenever he used to visit Delhi. I also started giving lectures in various Arya Samajs under the Delhi Arya Pradeshik Pratinidhi Sabha and continued this practice for number of years.

Writing Work: I had written the following books:

1. Vedic Dharam Granth Parichay - It gives the brief knowledge of various authentic books in the Vedic Literature. The book is in Hindi and is given in the PDF form on this site itself.

2. Pramatam-sakshatar - Kaisa? - It gives the authentic knowledge that when one realizes the SELF, then in which form the realization of GOD is possible. The various proofs from the vedic literature are given to explain the concept. Since it is possible only through the practice, one has to perform Yoga in true spirit to achieve the GOD. In case one is not aware of the fact that how the realization of GOD happens to the Soul, then in that case he can be take the other stages (which are the effect of nescience i.e. wrong knowledge) as the position of GOD realization and remain far away from the fruits of Yoga. This book is most important for the persons with the aim of achieving the self and God and must be read. This book is also in Hindi and is available on the website in PDF format.

3. Karm and Karmphal Mimansa - It discuss the theory of Action (karma) and its results (Karmphal) in detail. The details are available on the site.

4. Patanjal Yog Darshan - An authentic book on Patanjal Yog, containing Vyas Bhasya, Bhojvritti and detailed explanation of Yog-aphorisms with reference to the vedic Literature. The details are available on the site. Apart from the above, I have written Gita-Saar which gives the real meaning of Gite in true spirits with reference to the Vedic Literature. This is also available on the site.

About Yog : As per Swami Dayanand Saraswati, the Yog-Sutra and Vyas Bhasya on it are completely authentic work. Since he was performer of the Yogic Practices and he had realized the facts as above. So, none of its context can be questioned. Since Yoga is a practical science, I can get the same results by practice, as are shown in Vyas bhasya on various aphorisms. But the various explanations available on the Yog-aphorisms are either not in correlation with the practical scientific facts in the real world or they have declared that some of the context in Vyas Bhasya are mixed by other peoples and hence are not authentic. But believing on the declaration of Swami Dayanand Saraswati, I myself had involved in the deep study of Yoga and related Vedic literature for years together, and this Website and detailed explanation on the Yog-Darshan is result of the above.