Yog was mainly classified in two types
1. Vaishiyik Yog; and
2. Parmarthik Yog.

Vaishiyik Yog is of thirteen type : -
1.    Convert one object into other;
2.    Know the scarce object / thing by various ways;
3.    Preserve the achieved objects / things;
4.    Increase the ability by experience;
5.    Know the meaning power of words;
6.    Properly utilize the words;
7.    Keep the body fit;
8.    Hide the natural elements of objects / things;
9.    Use the sentences logically;
10.    Have the ability to wear the weapons;
11.    Compare an object with other;
12.    Intermix an element with other;
13.    Know the all the reasons of a end product / thing / work.

Parmarthik Yog is of four types namely :-
1.    Concentrate the mind;
2.    Stop all the businesses of mind;
3.    Motivate an object related thinking;
4.    Link the Soul to God (Supreme Soul).

The preachers and / or advisors of the Vaishiyik Yog are the following Rishis - Ushna, Brihaspati, Indra, Punravasu and Agnivesh.

On the other hand preachers and advisors of parmarthik Yog are the following Rishis – Hiranyagarbh, Maheshwar, Shivani, Kapil, Panchshikh, Janak, Vashishth, Dattatreya, Jaigeshavaya, Yajvalkya and Patanjali.

With the implementation of thirteen types of Vaishiyik Yogas, various types of knowledge streams were developed like Dhanurved, Ayurved, Gandharavved, Shilpvidya, Agriculture, Business, art etc and releated books were written and propogated.

On the other hand from the Parmarthik Yog four type of ways were invented namely – MANTRAYOG, LAYAYOG, RAJYOG AND HATHAYOG. From the parmarthik Yog, knowledge streams of Upnishadas, Brahaman Granthas, Darshan (Philosophical Schools) i.e. Nyayay, Vaisheshik, Sankhaya, Yog and Vedanta (Brahm Surtras) and Mimansa were developed. FOR RAJYOG, Yog-sutras of Maharishi Patanjali is the best Book.

Mantrayog is the type where the person speaks / revises internally a particular Mantra i.e. Gayatri Mantra or Aum etc for a number of times preferable along with the meaning of it. This is performed on continuous basis and for the long time. Maharishi Bhrigu and Kashyap etc are the main preachers of this Mantrayoga. The basic purpose is to concentrate the mind on the particular subject i.e. Mantra or Aum.

Layayog is the other stream which was preached by Maharishi Vedvyas etc. According to them there are some power centres in the Human Body. There are three types of power in the body namely Higher Power (Uordhav-Shakit), Balanced Power (Madhaya-Shakti) and Lower Power (Adha-shakti). By controlling the other two powers, balanced power is gained. With the gain of the balanced power, one gets the internal extreme happiness which is said as “SATTAVIK ANAND”. To achieve one has to concentrate on the following Chakras in the Body - Swadhisthan-Chakra, Nabhi-Chakra, Hriday-Chakra, Kantha-Chakra, Tallu-Chakra, Bhoo-Chakra, Brahmrandhra-Chakra, Brahm-Chakra.

According to this school of yoga, it is said with the continuous practice of concentration on these Chakras, one can achieve the supreme goal of the life i.e. Kaivalya.

But the same is not correct with reference to the Raj-Yoga i.e. Patanjal Yog-Sutras. The same is explained in detail in our book. The Yogis mainly believe on the Rajyog i.e. Patanjal-yog-sutras.

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