1.    Restraint (=Yama) – are the eternal vows or abstentions which are essentially to be observed in all spirits by the Sadhak = Yogi. These are five in number :
a.    Non-Violence (=Ahinsa) that is to performed always, in all respects i.e. by words, by thinking, by action of body towards every living being;
b.    Veracity (=Satya) = non-lying;
c.    Abstinence from Theft (=Aasteya) = non-covetousness;
d.    Continence (=Brahmcharya) = non-sexuality; and
e.    Abstinence from avariciousness (=Aaprigriha) = non-possiveness (Sutra 30).
These Restraints (=Yamas are to be performed always, under all circumstances, without any excuses.

2.    Observances (=Niyama) – these are five observances, namely
a.    Cleanliness (=Sauch) – purity for mind and body as well;
b.    Contentment (=Santosha);
c.    Purficatory Action (=Tapa) – austerity;
d.    Study (=Swadhyaya) – Study of books explaining salvation i.e the process of detachment of soul from matter and Study of Self and / or God.
e.    Surrender to GOD (=Ishwar-pranidhan) (Sutra 32).

3.    Posture (=Asana) – Yogic posture mainly the Sidhasan, Padmasan or Ardh-padmasan used for meditation.
4.    Regulation of Breath (=Pranayama) – Suspending or Controlling Breadth and is four types. With the success of Pranayama, yogi gets the ability to concentrate the mind (Chitta) and traces of Nescience (=Avidya) also reduces in the mind.
5.    Abstraction (=Pratyahara) – means Withdrawal of senses from external objects / outside world.
6.    Concentration (=Dharna) – means fixing the affairs of mind (Chittah) on a single particular object and / or subject.
7.    Meditation (=Dhyana) – means intense contemplation of the nature of object and / or subject of concentration.
8.    Trance (=Samadhi) – means complete merging consciousness with the object and / or subject of medication, i.e. knowing the medicated object / subject only, in complete terms, and forgetting oneself.

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