Kriya Yog, called as YOGA OF ACTION, is the basic guideline the beginners to Yog who are willing to achieve the self by Trance. It is root mean for removal of afflictions i.e. Nescience and its products and to achieve the trance.

It consists of three activites namely :-

1.    Purficatory Action (=Tapa) – austerity;
2.    Study (=Swadhyaya) – Study of books explaining salvation i.e the process of detachment of soul from matter and Study of Self and / or God.
3.    Surrender to GOD (=Ishwar-pranidhan).

Purificatory Action consists in the endurance of the pairs of opposites, which are termed as heat and cold, pain and pleasure, desire to eat and drink, willingness to respect and unwillingness to have disrespect, profit and loss etc. The basic purpose of such controls is to achieve TRUTH and Non-Violence.

Study is the reading of books containing science of liberation and repetition of the GOD’s Name “AUM”. (The science of liberation is well explained in the Vedic-Literature. The books of Vedic-Literature is given our publication named “Vedic Dharam Granth Parichay” and same is given on this site in the scanned format.)

Surrender to God is making of God as the motive of all actions. It means the doing of all actions to fulfill the purpose of that Supreme Soul who is the Great Teacher. It is with reference to this state that the following has been said – “lying down on a bed or seated or wandering along a road, even given to Yoga, with the network of sins to be restrained, removed, conscious of destructions of the seed of repeated births, he shares the joys of immortality.”

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